What equipment is needed for the chlorination and purification process of gold and precious metals?

February 25, 2023

Gold extraction chlorination purification process: high purity gold processing process: acceptance of alloy gold → pulverization → sodium chlorate separation of gold → sodium sulfite reduction → bead spraying → ingot casting → finished gold ingots. Sodium chlorate gold separation process drying: after the reduction of the sponge gold, washed with hot water to neutral. And then drying with an oven. Intermediate frequency furnace melting block: will dry the sponge gold, the use of melting medium frequency furnace, and then pour block. 

Beading machine / granulating machine: add gold nuggets to a granulating machine crucible, melt them, and then use high-pressure water to cool and pelletize Jinshui District. 

Drying and ingot casting: the gold beads obtained from the sprinkler are dried in the oven. Use the ingot casting machine to cast the ingot. The gold ingot production technology adopts the advanced fully enclosed molten gold casting. The technological process is as follows: gold bullion → granules → granulator→ oven drying → weighing → gold ingot casting machine → AU-1 ingot (or 59 ingot) . 

The main equipment is: metal granules machine, ingot casting machine, water chiller and oven.

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