How to Make Shiny Gold Bar?

How are traditional gold bars made? What a surprise!

The production of gold bars is still very new to most people, just like a mystery. So, how are they made? First, melt the recovered gold jewelry or gold mine to obtain small particles.

1. Pour the burnt gold liquid into the mold.

2. The gold in the mold gradually solidifies and becomes a solid.

3. After the gold is completely solidified, remove the gold nugget from the mold.

4. After taking out the gold, put it in a special place for cooling.

5. Finally, use the machine to engrave the number, place of origin, purity and other information on the gold bars in turn.

6. The final finished gold bar has a purity of 99.99%.

7. Workers who work here must be trained to not squint, just like a bank teller.

8. Gold bars, also known as gold bars, gold bars, and gold ingots, are bar-shaped objects made of refined gold, which are usually used by banks or traders for preservation, transfer, trade and investment. Its value depends on the purity and quality of the gold contained.

9. According to Wikipedia, the world's largest gold bar is 250 kilograms, with dimensions of 45.5 cm long, 22.5 cm wide, 17 cm high, and a trapezoid inclined at an angle of about 5 degrees. As of June 19, 2017, its value is approximately 10.18 million US dollars.

10. Nowdays Gold Bar Casting

11. Gold bullion is an irreplaceable form of precious metals for the market. Whether it is used as a raw material, investment product, or value reserve, its role is huge.

12. Regarding how to make gold bars, there are two types, traditional gold bar casting method and vacuum gold bar casting method.

13. The traditional gold bar making method is the most widely used, commonly found in miners or mining companies. Gold can be purified by heating gold to a certain temperature and turning it into a liquid, adding appropriate flux. After removing impurities, the gold liquid is directly poured into the mold and cooled to bars. After the gold is cooled and shaped, use a hydraulic press to logo and stamp the gold nuggets. Such gold nuggets can be used for marketing.

14. The casting of vacuum gold bar is usually done in a refinery because they usually need to produce gold bullion with very good surface quality and very bright. People usually prefer to buy such gold. When the refining is completed, the gold is placed in a granulator, through which it is made into small granules for weighing. Place the gold granules in the bar mold, and finally place the mold in the vacuum bar casting machine. Under the protection of vacuum and inert gas, it can avoid gold oxidation, shrinkage, and water ripples on the surface. After casting, place the gold nugget under the logo stamping machine to press out the required patterns and text. Then use dot peen marking machine to number the gold bars.

Hasung's Latest Vacuum Gold Bars Making Technology

Step 1: Smelt for pure gold.

Step 2: Make gold granules or make gold powders.

Step 3: Weighing and casting gold bars with an ingot machine.

Step 4: Stamping logos on the gold bars.

Step 5: Dot peen number marking machine to mark serial numbers.

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