How much do you know about the application of continuous casting machines in precious metal forming?

October 16, 2023

 How much do you know about the application of continuous casting machines in precious metal forming?

Continuous casting machines are also known as metal casting machines, which are an advanced down drawing casting method. Its working principle is to melt non-ferrous metals under stirring induction heating, continuously pour them into a special metal mold called a crystallizer, and then pull out the solidified (crusted) casting. The other end of the casting chamber is used to obtain castings of any length, shape, and specific length.

The continuous casting machine is specially developed for casting alloy plates, round bars, square bars, rectangular bars, round tubes, and other shapes of gold, K-gold, silver, and other precious metals. Widely used in metal processing, semi-finished gold jewelry processing, metal smelting plants, metal process processing plants, research institutes, laboratories, schools, precious metal smelting and other industries. Optimizing production output and quality is a necessary mechanical equipment for the production and production of metal materials, as well as the development of metallurgical industry products.

Continuous casting machines are also divided into vacuum and non vacuum, do you know? There are also significant differences between them, and I will introduce them in detail for you next.

Firstly, there is the upper machine structure. The vacuum structure requires a high degree of vacuum in the casting cylinder. Additionally, a vacuum pump needs to be added. Non vacuum continuous casting machines do not have these two requirements.

Secondly, from an operational perspective. Vacuum needs to be operated furnace by furnace, which means that the furnace material is pumped once each time, and after completing all the drawing operations, a second round of operation is carried out again. This operation method is relatively slow and cumbersome. The operation of non vacuum machines can be more convenient by simultaneously dissolving, leading downwards, and adding materials.

Thirdly, the difference between casting products and vacuum products is the low oxygen content, which is suitable for industrial product processing, such as bonding wires, electronic components, and non vacuum products. However, if the oxygen content is higher than vacuum products, the product density is basically the same, making it the preferred material for jewelry manufacturing with high quality requirements.

Fourthly, the use of protective gas refers to nitrogen or argon gas, and only one of them can be used. The main function is to reduce losses caused by metal oxidation. Both vacuum casting machines and non vacuum casting machines are equipped with protective gas features.

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