Gold Bullion Casting Machine


Gold bullion casted (cast bars) are generally manufactured directly from the melting of gold. However, the method used to manufacture the cast gold bars can vary.

The traditional method is that gold is melted directly into a mold to specific dimensions.

A modern method now widely used to manufacture small gold ingots of this type is to measure a precise amount of gold and fine gold pellet by placing it in a mold to specific dimensions to the ingot that it is desired to manufacture.

The markings on the gold bar are then applied manually or using a press.

Gold Silver Bar/Bullion Casting is under vacuum and inert gas condition, which easily gets shiny mirror surface results. Invest on Hasung’s vacuum gold ingot casting machine, you’ll win the best deals on precious deals.

For smaller gold silver business, clients usually choose HS-GV1/HS-GV2 models which saves costs on manufacturing equipment.

For larger gold investors, they usually invest on HS-GV4/HS-GV15/HS-GV30 for more efficiency purpose.

For big gold silver refining groups, people may choose tunnel type fully automatic casting system with mechanical robots which surely increases production efficiency and saves labour costs.

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