Continuous Casting Machines

Horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine includes vacuum chamber, heating system, temperature control system, casting system, stirring system, cooling device, vacuum system and control system

■Capacity can be realized from 20kg to 100Kg

 ■The equipment is horizontal.

 ■Optional mechanical stirring can make the alloy composition more uniform and reduce segregation.

 ■For the vacuum system, different types of pump sets and all brands on the market can be used; depending on the process requirements, 10Pa ~10-5Pa can be obtained. And can be filled with high-purity inert gases (such as nitrogen, argon, helium, etc.)

 ■PLC controlled program sequence ensures full automation and repeatability of the process, as well as stable product quality. The computer operation interface and corresponding data processing system can meet the requirements of high-reliability quality control.

Material range

 ■Precious metals and their alloys (gold, silver, copper, etc.)

 ■High-purity partial metal rods (platinum, rhodium, platinum, nickel, etc.)

■Aluminum and its alloys

■Continuous casting test and production of evaporation materials

■Other high-purity metals and alloys are also being explored

Technical specifications:

Voltage380V  50/60Hz, 3P
Capacity (Au)20kg50kg100kg
Maximum temperature1600°C
Casting speed400mm - 1000mm / min. (can be set)
Temperature accuracy±1℃
Application metalsGold, silver, copper, Brass, Bronze, alloys
Inert gasArgon/ Nitrogen
Control system
Taiwan / Siemens PLC touch panel controller
Cooling methodWater chiller
Wire collecting unitoptional
Dimensionsapprox.  2550mm*1120mm*1550mm
Weightapprox. 1180kg


Precious Metals Horizontal Vacuum Casters: A Comprehensive Guide

 Horizontal vacuum continuous casters are an important part of the precious metals industry and play an important role in producing high-quality metal products. These machines were used for a variety of purposes, including casting precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In this article, we will explore the uses and advantages of horizontal vacuum continuous casters for precious metals, as well as their working principles and main features.

 What is a horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine?

 Horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine is a special equipment for producing high-quality metal products through continuous casting process. The process involves continuously pouring molten metal into a water-cooled mold, allowing the metal to solidify into a specific shape or form. Using a vacuum during the casting process helps minimize oxidation and impurities in the metal, resulting in a higher quality final product.

Application of precious metal horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine

 Horizontal vacuum continuous casting machines are widely used to produce a variety of precious metal products, including rods, tubes and wire rods. These machines are particularly suitable for precious metal casting because of their ability to maintain a controlled and clean casting environment. The use of vacuum during the casting process helps prevent contamination and ensure the purity of the final product, making it ideal for applications where high quality and purity are critical.

 One of the main uses of precious metal horizontal vacuum continuous casters is to produce investment grade gold and silver products. These products are highly sought after by investors and collectors due to their high purity and quality. Horizontal vacuum casters enable manufacturers to produce investment-grade gold bars and other products with precise dimensions and superior surface quality that meet the stringent requirements of the precious metals market.

 In addition to investment-grade gold bars, horizontal vacuum continuous casters are used to produce precious metal components for various industries including jewelry, electronics and aerospace. The ability of these machines to produce high-quality, defect-free, dimensionally accurate metal products makes these machines indispensable when manufacturing components that require superior purity and performance.

Working principle of horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine

 The working principle of the horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine is to control the solidification of molten metal in a vacuum environment. The process begins by melting the metal in a crucible or induction furnace and then transferring the molten metal to the machine's casting chamber. Once in the casting chamber, the metal is poured into water-cooled graphite molds and solidifies into the desired shape as it passes through the casting machine.

 The use of vacuum during the casting process serves several important purposes. First, it helps remove gases and impurities from the molten metal, resulting in a cleaner, more uniform end product. Additionally, the vacuum environment minimizes oxidation of the metal, maintaining its purity and preventing the formation of surface defects. The combination of controlled solidification and a clean casting environment ensures that the final product meets the highest quality standards.

Main features of precious metal horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine

 Precious metal horizontal vacuum casters are designed with several key features that make them ideal for producing high-quality metal products. Some of the most important features include:

 1. Vacuum chamber: The vacuum chamber of the casting machine creates a controlled environment for the casting process, minimizing impurities and ensuring the purity of the final product.

 2. Water-cooled mold: Using water-cooled graphite molds can solidify molten metal quickly and uniformly, thereby obtaining a high-quality final product without defects.

 3. Precise control system: Modern horizontal vacuum continuous casting machines are equipped with advanced control systems that can accurately control the casting process, including metal flow, crystallizer temperature and casting speed.

 4. Automated operation: Many horizontal vacuum continuous casting machines are designed for automated operation, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring production consistency and reliability.

 5. Safety Features: These machines are equipped with safety features to protect the operator and prevent accidents during the casting process, including emergency stop mechanisms and protective covers.

Advantages of precious metal horizontal vacuum continuous casting machine

 The use of horizontal vacuum casters for precious metals offers several important benefits to manufacturers and end-users alike. Some key benefits include:

 1. High purity: The vacuum environment and controlled solidification process enable precious metal products to have excellent purity and extremely low impurities, meeting the strict requirements of the precious metal market.

 2. Excellent surface quality: Horizontal vacuum continuous casting machines produce metal products with smooth surfaces and precise dimensions, making them ideal for applications where surface quality is critical, such as jewelry and electronics.

 3. Cost-effective production: Compared with traditional casting methods, the continuous casting process can produce metal products efficiently and cost-effectively, reducing material waste and energy consumption.

 4. Customization options: These machines provide flexibility in the production of metal products, allowing customization of size, shape, and composition to meet specific customer requirements.

 5. Environmental benefits: The use of vacuum during the casting process reduces the generation of harmful emissions and waste, making horizontal vacuum casters a more environmentally friendly option for metal production.

 In conclusion, horizontal vacuum continuous casters play a vital role in the production of high-quality precious metal products, providing excellent purity, surface quality and cost-effective production. These machines are widely used in the production of investment-grade gold bars as well as components across a variety of industries, and their ability to maintain a controlled and clean casting environment makes them indispensable in the precious metals market. With their advanced features and numerous advantages, horizontal vacuum casters are a valuable asset for manufacturers seeking to produce high-quality metal products.

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