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With strong ability of product research and development, Shenzhen Hasung Precious Metals Equipment Co., Ltd ensures new products are launched on a regular basis. Our new product Hasung VIM vacuum induction casting machine palladium vacuum induction melting furnace for sale is a totally new series and has different features. Gold Bar Vacuum Casting Equipment In order to be able to successfully meet the challenges,Shenzhen Hasung Precious Metals Equipment Co., Ltd will continue to forge ahead on the road of technological innovation. In addition, it will also work hard to analyze the changing needs of the market and create better products for customers according to their needs.

Brand Name:HasungPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China
Model Number:HS-HVQJewelry Tools & Equipments Type:MOLDS
Warranty:2 yearsFeature:Superior quality
Power Supply:220V/380VCondition:100% Brand New
Power:15KW 30KWCapacity:1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 8kg
Application:Pt, Pd, Gold, silver, copper, alloysDimensions:1776x1065x1960mm
Weight:480kgUsage:gold silver platinum palladium

The First-Class Quality and Technology for Precious Metals Equipment Manufacturer in China.
Product Description


With our melting system, you'll get very fast and beautiful melting and casting job. This melting system is applied for melting gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper with high vacuum condition.


The design of this equipment system is based on the actual needs of the project and process, using modern high-tech technology. 1. Adopt German high-frequency heating technology, automatic frequency tracking and multiple protection technology, which can be melted in a short time, energy saving and environmental protection, and high work efficiency. 2. The closed type + high vacuum/inert gas protection melting chamber can prevent the oxidation of molten raw materials and prevent impurities from mixing in. This equipment is suitable for the casting of high-purity metal materials or easily oxidized elemental metals. 3. Adopting a closed + high vacuum/inert gas protection melting chamber, melting, refrigerating, and secondary feeding are performed at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. The product has the characteristics of no oxidation, low loss, no porosity, no segregation in color, and beautiful appearance. 4. When melting in an inert gas environment, the oxidation loss of the carbon mold is almost negligible. 5. With the electromagnetic stirring function under the protection of inert gas, there is no segregation in color. 6. Using Mistake Proofing (anti-fuzzy) automatic control system, the operation is more convenient. 7. Using PID temperature control system, the temperature is more accurate (±1 degree). 8. The high-vacuum melting equipment is independently researched and developed and manufactured with advanced technology. It is specially used for the melting and casting of platinum, palladium, gold, silver, copper and other alloys. 9. This equipment uses Mitsubishi PLC program control system, SMC pneumatic and Panasonic servo motor drive and other well-known brand components at home and abroad.

Model No.


380V ; 50/60Hz
Max Temp
Melting Time
2  min.
4 min.

Temp Accuracy
PID temp control
1kg (Gold) 
4kg (Gold) 

Platinum, Palladium, Gold, silver, copper and other alloys
Cooling type
Water chiller(sold separately) 
Vacuum Degree
German original vacuum pump, vacuum degree 10-2 Pa (Optional)
Shielding Gas
Operation Method
One-key operation to complete the entire process, POKA YOKE foolproof system
Control System
Mitsubishi PLC+Human-machine interface intelligent control system (optional)

approx. 480kg

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Company Profile
Shenzhen Hasung Precious Metals Equipment Co., Ltd is a mechanical engineering company located in the south of China, in the beautiful and the most fastest economic growing city, Shenzhen. The company is a technological leader in the area of heating and casting equipment for the precious metals and new materials industry. Our strong knowledge in vacuum casting technology further enables us to serve industrial customers to cast high-alloyed steel, high vacuum required platinum-rhodium alloy, gold and silver, etc. Our mission is to build the most innovative heating and casting equipment for precious metal manufacturing and gold jewellery industry, providing customers with the highest reliability in your daily operations and the best quality. We are acknowledged in the industry as a technology leader. What we're deserved to be proud is our vacuum and high vacuum technology is the best in China. Our equipment, manufactured in China, is made of highest-quality components, apply worldwide famous brands components such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic, SMC, Simens, Schneider, Omron, etc. Hasung has proudly served the precious metal casting & forming industry with vacuum pressure casting equipment, continuous casting machine, high vacuum continuous casting equipment, vacuum granulating equipment, induction melting furnaces, gold silver bullion vacuum casting machine, metal powder atomizing equipment, etc. Our R & D department is always working on developing casting and melting technologies to suit our ever changing industry for the New Materials industry, Aerospace, Gold Mining, Metal Minting Industry, Research laboratories, Rapid Prototyping, Jewellery, and Artistic Sculpture. We do provide precious metals solutions for customers. We uphold the principle of "integrity, quality,cooperation, win-win" business philosophy,committed to creating first-class products and services. We always believe that technology changes the future. We specialize in designing and developing custom finishing solutions. We strive to make the finishing process faster and more economical. Welcome to visit us.
Q: Are you manufacturer? A: Yes, we are the original manufacturer of the highest quality products for precious metals smelting and casting equipment, especially for high tech vacuum and high vacuum casting machines. Welcome to visit our factory in Shenzhen, China. Q: How long does your machine warranty last? A: Two years warranty. Q: How is your machine quality? A: Definitely it's the highest quality in China in this industry. All machines apply the best world famous brands name parts. With great workmanship and reliable highest level quality. Q: Where are your factory located? A: We are located in Shenzhen, China. Q: What can we do if we have problems with your machine while using? A: First, our induction heating machines and casting machines are with highest quality in this industry in China, customers usually could use it for more than 6 years without any problems if it's under normal condition using and maintenance. If you have any troubles, we'll need you to provide us a video to describe what the problem is so that our engineer will judge and find out the solution for you. Within warranty period, we'll send you the parts free of charge for replacement. After warranty time, we'll provide you the parts at an affordable costs. Long lifetime technical support is offered freely.
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